Doors & Window Frames Pretoria

Fitting custom made window and door frames Pretoria can be a tricky task and can spoil the appearance of your home if not done correctly. We have vast experience in not only door and window frames but also in the design and construction of the doors themselves. We create beautiful finished doors, door frames, window frames and skirting boards using only the finest wood to provide a fantastic look to your home.

door frames pretoria

We take care to listen to your exact requirements and produce window and door frames that are in following with your homes original décor. We are perfectionists, especially when it comes to hanging doors and taking precise measurements to ensure we get the job done right, first time. We can finish your door or frame in almost anything you desire from the original natural wood look through to wax coating, oil staining or even painting.

window frames pretoria

Custom window frames Pretoria a great way to improve the interior and exterior of your property. We measure every window hole precisely and build individual frames for a perfect fit. The same applies to the door frames in Pretoria that we build, taking time to get the measurements right and making sure the door hangs within its frame without rubbing or causing obstruction to anything its surrounding such as the carpet. We will also happily renovate old doors and window frames leaving them looking good as new. Call us today for more information or to discuss your requirements further.